Sunday, 23 May 2010

A small note from the engine room

It looks like we have found a new Goddess, a bit of street theatre in the capital should warm us up for the sally north in August. This stunning amazon is six foot, with such grace and power, a real woman, Athena reborn.

AD has joined the management team for the Tea House, nice to have her back on side, I must remember to tell her how amazing her involvement is. Little tart better not try and rob me blind this time.

The loss of the summer play is a black dog. I try not to think about it. Holdfast. Copyright is a bitch. We must write more of our own stuff. I hope we have not fucked up our relationship with the Tabard Theatre. The Captain was gracious, as always, one of natures gentlemen, but I feel like we let him down, which sucks.

We are looking to complete and exchange any day, I hate to tell the Gods my plans but i suppose that's what this is about. We should have possesion by the end of June and the Art House will be born, a base of operations for all artists who need a club to dream.

Coffee for an instant
Tea for an Empire

A place to disagree, ferment hate and ponder change; to find humour, fight for honour and stand your ground; to challenge the Gods, free the mind and drink tea.

I will create the sacred space and fight to keep it open; the rest is up to you. H

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Anonymous said...

rock on guys.
looking forward to some real theatre!!