Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Welcome to Tea House Theatre

A band of travelling players has come to the big smoke.  Buoyed by their successes in all their ports of call; in the towns and shires, (Leicester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Derby, Nottingham, Manchester), the arts festivals of Great Britain (Edinburgh, Brighton, Glastonbury) and of the world (Lithuania, Boston).

It is time to stop their endless wander, to put down some roots and bring the stories home.  It is true that the spirit of the travelling player can never truly be contained and the touring company will live on (Hold Fast Theatre Company), but the work needs a home.  We've found one in Lambeth, an area brimming with culture, high and low, where thieves and vagabonds consort with princes and kings. 

We have found a home, an art house, an artist’s refuge, an actor’s centre.  A place to come and truly exercise the freedom of the mind, unfettered by the everyday censorship of the outside world,  To be creative, to be inclusive and exclusive all at once,  and above all else, to drink tea while we are doing it.

If you can help us in our endeavours to form an artistic community or just want to introduce yourself please leave a comment and do visit our website.

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