Friday, 1 April 2011

Agony and Ecstasy

They say that theatre mirrors the agonies and ecstasies of life and it is certain that building a theatre is no exception. One moment someone has used hideous bricks on the back end of a glorious Victorian building. The next they have uncovered the beautiful original signage, an image from history that can take your breath away.

The Truman's name has been bought by an Englishman and brought back to life.  Sales of the original recipes are beginning again through them look at  We wish them well.

Nights vary between passing out due to exhaustion and sleepless hours running problems and solutions through a tired mind, wishing it all would end.

The graphic is now beautiful. Jon has worked wonders with our initial sketches and provided us with a piece of art that will provide us with the sort of strong, identifiable branding that we need.

We missed so much in the original costings, so many problems have been unearthed. Our war chest is looking dangerously light. We are making hard decisions.  We would rather things were done well and others not at all, than everything done badly. This is the ethos we have to stick to, we must get open and deal with those things at a later time.

We fight, we scrap, we repel boarders, we correct mistakes, we march on. We will not be deflected from this. We are still waving, not drowning. Nothing worth doing was easy.

We are going to have real fires. Celtic arch inserts, Italian slate hearths and antique surrounds. They are beautiful. The chimneys have been swept, the linings have been checked and the pots are on order. A real fire will blaze in the Tea House and when the nights grow long we will gather around it and give praise to the goddess.

The spring solstice has passed and the clocks have gone forward, we do not tire or rest, or seek comfort.

In a first rehearsal the jokes are funny, by the second week they are not anymore. As an actor you have to remember where the jokes were, it is part of the craft. We seem to be in the dark well of this adventure and must remember that the idea is great, the concept is sound and the standards of the execution must be kept high. If anybody has any ideas to help us, you can find our supporters pack on the website.

We are going to start building the company. We are not looking for lifelines or lifeboats, but steadfast men and women who want to live and breathe art. Our front doors are still closed to the world, but our stage door is open.

Here are some pictures of the work so far.

And now a word from our sponsers...deafening silence

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