Monday, 13 September 2010

Notes from the engine room

We have done it. We have got rid of T.V.G. Their appalling filth has been removed from this blog. We have tricked them and given them a small space on our website. So there are ample resources for a future prosecution under the race and religious hatred act 2006. They won't be squatting in my cellar again! If you have not been offended by their work please go to the T.V.G. link at top of this blog, to read about and look at their so called "art" at the Edinburgh Festival 2005-10.

Protect your children from this vile "humour" go to the T.V.G. link at top of this blog. They are the enemies of equality, climate change and multi-culturalism. You can only know the danger by viewing it.

Normal service will now be resumed.


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