Monday, 20 September 2010

The Sacred Space

Two weeks later. 

Objective: To open on April 1st 2011 a family friendly tea house, with the ability to put on theatre shows and music gigs in the evening. 

We sit upon the strippers stage, cornered by her poles with rigged up lighting, in a darkened hall, surrounded by over a decade’s worth of set, props and costume from different shows, adventures and follies; that have bled us, warmed us and enlightened us.  A clock ticks and we add whisky to our tea.  This adventure needs time to brew and ferment.  The wild ideas of the last ten years collected on scraps of paper, memory and the backs of girls are now all possible and must be realised. 

Contact has been made with the community around us.  The word is out that we are coming, good news travels fast.  The Queen Anne strip joint is dead.  The temple to the Goddess remains and from this dark hall we will bring light.  The mirrors need to come down, the windows need to be opened, nothing will remain.  The numbers of tearful young men at our door have slowed.  This is now a home and a hearth and it is called, the Tea House Theatre. 

In 2002 Leicester University closed the Attenborough Theatre and destroyed the hub of a fledgling artistic community that could have rivalled the best.   This community was exciled across the land and has gone on to run theatres, become arts officers, actors, writers, directors and Robin.

They messed with us and we know their names and we curse them in the temple.  Our paths will cross again.

After winter comes the spring.  The home stone has travelled to the big smoke and has now been laid on the South Bank by Vauxhall Bridge.  The gates are locked, the work begins and we answer to no-one. 

Praise be the Goddess

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